Hakonen has taken advantage of the fully automated wash feature with Juhlapesu. Clean cars are a part of the company brand and image.

Hakonen Solutions is a family business that has been growing and developing through five generations. Hakonen focuses on logistics and it’s customers are both private and business customers. Turnover is around 18 million euro per year.

Head of transport Calle Lind is responsible for a constantly changing fleet of commercial vechiles, trucks and cars. Halonen has been a Juhlapesu customer since 2015. “Our cars represent our company and are part of our image. That is why we aim to keep them clean”, says Lind.

He found Juhlapesu when it was recommended to him by a friend. The service is easy and close by, queuing can be avoided. “It is good to start and end the week with a visit to Juhlapesu”. The biggest benefits of Juhlapesu are clear: “It is easy and effortless. You just drive in and out of the wash. We have the same default wash program set up for all of our cars”. Drivers can drive to wash without application. The car is recognized by it’s license plate at the car wash and the door opens automatically when the wash bay becomes available. Default wash starts automatically when the car is in the wash bay.

Lind encourages all businesses take good care of their fleets as cars are very visible brand ambassadors.