Juhlapesu is the world’s first digital car wash network. No more tokens, pay stations or confusing wash program selection. At Juhlapesu, customers use wash facilities independently with Juhlapesu application. Our technology enables unmanned wash sites that are available around the clock. We have turned car wash to an on-demand subscription service for our customers. Juhlapesu is a Finnish franchising business founded in Kuopio in 2011. We currently have 24 wash sites up and running around the country. Juhlapesu suits private customers and business customers alike. Due to fast growing demand, we are now looking for Juhlapesu entrepreneurs to join us in building tomorrow’s car care solutions.


Our cars are getting smarter requiring smarter car services to match their needs. New ways for private people to have access to a car are transferring car ownership and maintenance to businesses. The utilization rate of an individual car will increase significantly. These changes are growing demand for modern, efficient and automated car services. Juhlapesu is meeting this demand today. As a Juhlapesu entrepreneur you are building the future of motoring.


Juhlapesu-enabled car wash sites are equipped with advanced technology that allows the washer to communicate with the customer’s Juhlapesu application. Our technology enables unmanned wash sites that are available around the clock. As an entrepreneur, you can manage your wash bays and business remotely via Juhlapesu admin dashboard. A monthly subscription business model enables predictable revenue and makes payment easy for business customers as well. A modern, user friendly service creates positive customer experiences.


Juhlapesu entrepreneurs will start their businesses with a tried and tested concept, advanced technology and a national brand. A network effect of familiar service at all locations support your business. Marketing and communications at chain level supports your sales and marketing efforts locally and nationally. Our customer feedback is predominantly positive, and we receive requests for opening new locations daily.

Juhlapesu entrepreneur is free to focus on sales

As Juhlapesu technology allows the car wash to run almost independently, Juhlapesu entrepreneurs can use their time and effort in sales and customer relations. A successful Juhlapesu entrepreneur is a sales oriented people person with ability to create and maintain customer relationships and network. Our entrepreneurs are required to have previous experience on entrepreneurship and a stable financial situation.

Entrepreneur Story:

From a hospitality professional to an entrepreneur

“I visit the site almost daily. I talk to my customers and ask for feedback.” Says Petri Eriksson, Juhlapesu entrepreneur in Lohja, southern Finland. By now, Eriksson is a familiar face to most Lohja townspeople. “Unmanned site does not mean a faceless site”, he points out.

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