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What should I do when driving to the car wash?

Disconnect the antenna and other accessories. After license plate recognition select the desired washing program. Drive along the center line until the STOP light lights up. Turn off the engine, turn on the handbrake and the central lock. Stay in the car while washing. After washing, try the brakes.

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Juhlapesu application does not work: What do I do?

If the application does not work correctly, make sure that your phone's operating system is up-to-date, and that the Juhlapesu application is running the latest version. Log out of the Juhlapesu application by using the button in the user account. Log in again to Juhlapesu App. If the problem persists, contact our customer service at asiakaspalvelu@juhlapesu.fi or [...]

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How does Juhlapesu differ from other car washes?

Juhlapesu is the world’s first digital car wash network. Download the application and you can drive to the carwash without even getting out of the car. Easy and convenient. Your car is recognized by the license plate. When the wash site is available the door opens automatically and you can drive in. Payment will be [...]

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How to become Juhlapesu’s client?

The service is operated with the Juhlapesu application. Start by downloading the Juhlapesu application from Apple Store or Google Play. The application is free, you will be charged when you choose a pricing plan or drive to a single wash.

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How much does the subscription cost?

When you become Juhlapesu’s customer you can choose form three different pricing plans the one that suits you best. You can also buy single washes to Juhlapesu’s wash sites. You will find all pricing plans and prices for single washes from Pricing page or in the Juhlapesu application. The new customers can try Juhlapesu service [...]

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Is it possible to have multiple cars on the same subscription?

The Juhlapesu subscription is for one car only. With the monthly payment you can wash one car. However you can add multiple cars to your account and the monthly payment will be charged from each car. If you are looking for a suitable pricing plan for a company with multiple cars, you will find more [...]

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Can I buy single washes with Juhlapesu application?

With Juhlapesu application you can buy single washes to Juhlapesu-enabled wash sites. Current prices can be seen from the application or at Juhlapesu website. The first single wash is available for new customers at reduced price. How to buy a single wash: Download Juhlapesu application from Google Play or Apple Store. Sign in and add [...]

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How to buy a single wash with Juhlapesu application?

- Download Juhlapesu application from Google Play or Apple Store. - Sign in and add the information of your car and credit card to the app - Check and choose car wash location form the list - Application will now guide you to make subscription – choose instead “later” - Drive to a car wash [...]

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