With Juhlapesu application you can buy single washes to Juhlapesu-enabled wash sites. Current prices can be seen from the application or at Juhlapesu website. The first single wash is available for new customers at reduced price.

How to buy a single wash:

  • Download Juhlapesu application from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Sign in and add the information of your car and credit card to the app
  • Check and choose car wash location form the list
  • Application will now guide you to make subscription – choose instead “later”
  • Drive to a car wash site of your choice. Your car will be recognized from the licence plate when you drive to the car wash door (appx. 2 meters from the door)
  • Now choose your wash program from the app
  • Payment is processed now
  • When the wash bay becomes available, Juhlapesu application will prompt you to start the wash by swiping the start button
  • The door opens and you can drive in
  • You will see the remaining wash time in your application and you are promted to drive out when ready.