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What do the different pricing plans cost?

Single prices are dynamic, changing according to time of day. See current prices in the Juhlapesu application or Pricing page on Juhlapesu website. New customers are offered a trial wash at reduced price. With subscription all the wash programs are available with a monthly payment. Note that single washes are not available at Turku Teboil [...]

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How to add cars to my account?

You can add cars to your account in Juhlapesu application. Choose form the navigation “My cars” and hit “Add new car “. Add the information of the new car and choose a pricing plan. Note that the pricing plan has to be chosen to every car and will be invoiced monthly according to the pricing [...]

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What does start on vehicle recognition mean?

With vehicle recognition you drive to car wash without application. We will set to your account a default wash program beforehand, then your car is recognized and you drive into the car wash the program starts automatically. This alternative is handy for business customers that have large number of cars and drivers. And also for [...]

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Can I use Juhlapesu application on my Windows phone?

As users of Windows phones have dropped remarkably it is impossible to support the technology. This is why Juhlapesu application does not work in Windows phones. However you can further use Juhlapesu service with start on vehicle recognition. It is a handy way to use Juhlapesu service without mobilephone. Our customer service will set start [...]

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