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As a Juhlapesu customer, you’ll get access to all Juhlapesu wash sites in the country. In Helsinki metropolitan area alone you have 17 wash sites to choose from, including HOK-Elanto ABC car washes. Just swipe to wash where ever, whenever suits you best.  All car wash sites are available around the clock. A queue camera will help you avoid long lines. With Juhlapesu application, the wash process is the same at all wash locations.


Take your business to the digital era of car care and start your Juhlapesu subscription today. If your business has less than ten cars, just download Juhlapesu application and sign up as a business customer. Choose a pricing plan that best suits your business and add your business cars to your account in the application. Our prices include VAT and default payment option is credit card. If you’d like to discuss payment by invoice or get the wash process fully automated for your drivers, get in touch.  If your business has more than ten cars, contact us directly or leave a call for tender.

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Case Hakonen Solutions:

“Our cars represent our company”

Hakonen Solutions has been a Juhlapesu customer since 2015. “Our cars represent our company, which is why it is important to keep them clean”.

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