Car wash has never been this easy

No more tokens, pay stations or confusing wash program selection. Your car is recognized automatically at the car wash door – just drive to wash without getting out of the car or even opening a window. With monthly subscription, you can drive to wash whenever you want at any Juhlapesu location. Start now by downloading Juhlapesu application and swipe to wash today!



Any site, any time

As a Juhlapesu customer, you’ll get access to all Juhlapesu wash sites in the country. In Helsinki metropolitan area alone you have 17 wash sites to choose from, including HOK-Elanto ABC car washes. Just swipe to wash where ever, whenever suits you best.  All car wash sites are available around the clock. A queue camera will help you avoid long lines. With Juhlapesu application, the wash process is the same at all wash locations.

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Have a clean car, always