OP Kulku is changing the way people own and drive cars. We partnered with OP and made Juhlapesu available for OP Kulku customers as a part of the premium service package

Cars and motoring in general are changing faster than ever before. OP is ahead of the game with its innovative new OP Kulku electric car leasing service.

OP Kulku enables customers to drive an electric car without owning it. A monthly subscription includes access to a selected car and service package. OP Kulku makes electric cars accessible for a larger audience when investing tens of thousands of euros to a car becomes obsolete.

OP Kulku premium package includes full car services from repairs and maintenance to insurance and limitless car wash service at Juhlapesu wash sites.

Customer carn choose a car from hybrids like Kia, Mitsubishi or full electric cars like Nissan, Renault and Tesla Model S & Model X.

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